Isn’t nature a beautiful thing!

Colour, design and shape as well as composition.


Rusting fabric,papers and thread.

In keeping with the autum/fall colour theme here is some of the results.

My friend Myfanwy  and I used paper clips, screws leaves and bulldog clips as well as washers to create rust patterns. Fabrics we used were cotton velvet,brown paper, silk & loose weave fabric.

Wildlife that surrounds me that inspired me to produce this!

I particularly enjoy producing work which reflects the abundant wildlife around me.

I love birds and envy their freedom. Herons I find are graceful birds even when flying despite their unusual shaped necks.

This piece of work uses scraps of fraying silk, Free Machined Embroidery & on gold wrapping paper from a box of biscuits.I like to use recycling in my work as much as I can!

Autumn seedhead Lampshade.

I have been working on making this lampshade and recycled lampbase with a seedheads as it’s theme.

The base is an unusual liqueur bottle weighted with marbles!

The lampshade is painted and free machined stitched. The shade I have made from scratch. Great fun!