Wading birds

Created these Oyster catchers and the Lapwings above using stencils by Laser craft designs.

Scott is very helpful and postage and packing excellent and very fast. Check out his website also on eBay.


Peeble Handbag by Nicola Vesey Williams of Vesey Designs.

Just finished this 3D Peeble design bag using recycled fabrics such as tie dyed fabric, silk and velvet. Free Machined using space dyed threads on wool blanket and chiffon scarf.

Planning a carpet bag with same technique with wading birds Lapwings and Oyster catchers.

Lapwings painted using Faber and Castell Gelators.

Rusting fabric,papers and thread.

In keeping with the autum/fall colour theme here is some of the results.

My friend Myfanwy  and I used paper clips, screws leaves and bulldog clips as well as washers to create rust patterns. Fabrics we used were cotton velvet,brown paper, silk & loose weave fabric.

Wildlife that surrounds me that inspired me to produce this!

I particularly enjoy producing work which reflects the abundant wildlife around me.

I love birds and envy their freedom. Herons I find are graceful birds even when flying despite their unusual shaped necks.

This piece of work uses scraps of fraying silk, Free Machined Embroidery & on gold wrapping paper from a box of biscuits.I like to use recycling in my work as much as I can!

Autumn seedhead Lampshade.

I have been working on making this lampshade and recycled lampbase with a seedheads as it’s theme.

The base is an unusual liqueur bottle weighted with marbles!

The lampshade is painted and free machined stitched. The shade I have made from scratch. Great fun!

Autumn seedheads in different colours

Free Machined Stitching on painted paper and discharge medium and using alternative colours in inks and Brusho.

I like to think outside the box on a lot of my work and experimenting with colour is what excites me the most.

Understanding colour and the colour wheel and what colours work is at the heart of  creating in most media.